Redetermined by Sarah Kakusho

I race against the wind

Undaunted and unfettered
Advancing with purpose
Carrying ideals so romantic
Chasing after dreams so distant
All on a path, nonexistent
Yet so real

May cold gusts or tropical winds
Throw me off-course
May rain or hail or the sun’s burning rays
Make travels all the more difficult
But, may nature’s wonders and life’s small gifts
Continue to fuel this heart

I race against the wind
So may adversity lift me from beneath my wings
Higher, with resolve.

A Passion to Remember a Time That Never Was by Sarah Kakusho

> Show: Digimon Tamers, Rika & Ryo
> Type: One-shot, 1 chapter, Rated Teens
> Genre: Drama / Romance
> Started: 13 August 2007
> Synopsis: If I keep on looking forward, will I meet you again? What if the life you lived for 6 months was nothing but lies? What if you were told to forget those lies and live as you did before those 6 lifechanging months. What would you do? What will they do?

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Never Ever by Sarah Kakusho

> Type: Song, Rated K+
> Genre: Angst
> Started: 7 August 2004
> Synopsis: Everything in this world has sadly been betrayed...even the best of friendships. This expresses how I felt most of the time around people I called "friends"

Chapter: [1]

The Dawdle Disease by Sarah Kakusho

> Type: Poem, Rated K+
> Genre: Humor
> Started: 18 June 2004
> Synopsis: Sometimes you just want to do nothing. Sometimes you just want to put everything on the side and do nothing. This song is just that. No rhyming.

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With a Flash of Light: The Sayoko Pass Story by Sarah Kakusho

> Type: Multi-chapter, 2 chapters, Rated T
> Genre: Historical/Tragedy
> Started: 24 May 2004
> Synopsis: This is my World History 'Greatest Generations' paper on the bombing of Hiroshima. The event is brought back to life after an hour-long interview with Mrs. Pass. This is her story. Rating for gruesome imagery.

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Christmas Wish by Sarah Kakusho

ShowDigimon Tamers, Rika & Ryo
Type: One-shot, Rated T
Genre: Romance
Started: 24 December 2003
Synopsis: It's Christmas Eve. What are the tamers up to, especially Rika and Ryo?

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When Reality Makes You Go Blind by Sarah Kakusho

> Type: One-shot, Rated K+
> Genre: Angst
> Started: 22 September 2003
> Synopsis: A short story I had to do for English. To get the topic, we got fortune cookies and we had to some how get the fortune into the story. About two guys, on their way to school.

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