SOL 2009: 13e Yourself, 13e a Lion King / by Sarah Kakusho

Theme based on the 50-year Anniversary of when the baton was passed down to the youth. Festival about the future of March 16th, the past, and the present. 3 parts.

> Purpose: For the welcoming of SUA's 9th class, class of 2013
> Premiere: 07 August 2009 // Aliso Viejo, California, USA
> Run Time: 21 minutes
> Team: The 2009 SOL Team is Hui Naik, Nako Ishii, Jenna Callahan, Agnes Conrad, Jean Marcus Silva, Neil Shenoi, Takako "Kobame" Kobayashi, Aaron Freedman, Nandini Choudhury, and Kusho
> Primary Role: Cinematographer, Editor