Sylph (tentative title) / by Sarah Kakusho

This is one of the commission pieces I'm doing for my sister's movie.  It's still a work in progress as the timing still needs to be adjusted for the scenes in the movie.  Will post the final version once it's completed, and will hopefully put a link to the completed music.  Below is the synopsis of the project:

Sylph is a 3D short film of a biological engineered weapon who is a form of a girl with a cold personality, and after being awakened she no longer wanted to stay.She then escaped from the facility and got injured. She then met with a homeless boy, Chase who had a kind heart who has tended her wound and saw the rage and loneliness in Sylph's eyes so then Chase took off his scarf and handed it to Sylph as a token of friendship/kindness.She accepts his red scarf and understands the meaning of compassion.