Life, そのもの / by Sarah Kakusho

written November 2010 -- First piece composed on my Keystudio.  Wanted to see what would come of the free jam session.  

I worked on this piece for a little bit before, but I touched it up for today as it really reflects where I am at this point in my life.  The title “Life, as it is” is pretty self-explanatory.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about the changes in my life whether it be acceptance into a new school, new responsibilities at work, etc.  And it wasn’t until today that I never took the chance to really appreciate all that’s happening right now because I’ve been so focused on the future (how to pay for tuition, rent, etc.)  Some days, it’s just better to appreciate the present moment.

Here it is. The post for this auspicious day, November 18, 2010.  Much appreciation to everyone and everything.