The Music Box / by Sarah Kakusho

written December 2007 -- Kuru Kuru Team -- Written for the Student Festival held on January 30, 2008 in hopes of reaching out the SUA students with one message: now is the only time to create the greatest moments of our lives, to one day look back on them and smile. Live version with Chelsea Schwartz and Caitlin Shepherd.


I opened up a music box
And heard it sing to me
Looking back on times too far, too gone away
                (too far away)
As I paused my life
To fall into my reverie
                (Ah, ah, ah)
A voice had told me this

But be strong
Don’t let those memories take hold of you
Don’t live the past
Time waits for no one

Keep aiming towards the ever-shining sun
Holding your past
Appreciate all the things that we’ve been through
Without regrets

Make determinations
And reach for your dreams
Break down the walls that may stand in your way
                (you will pull through)
Let the sun guide you
With its shining beams
                (ah, ah, ah)
Take your chances
And seize the day

Don’t fear time
The future is not as bleak as it seems
You’re not alone
We all walk unified

Keep moving forward, cherish each moment you live
Support your loved ones
Stand as one, work toward reaching victory
Without defeat

Step by step
Work together to succeed, to reach our goals
We’re here today, to motivate each other
The music box had told me this