If the Fallen Could Fly by Sarah Kakusho

October 2013 -- Drowning myself as this loops, I write away one of the many tragedies that befalls The Memories I Sleep to.  A reflection of the clash that lies at the very core of my character's existence, and perhaps my being, as well: selflessness vs selfishness.

Prelude by Sarah Kakusho

September 2013  -- A piece that tries to capture the essence of my project The Memories I Sleep to , a story about four strangers who seek to find peace in their lives in a dystopian society of hopelessness and corruption.  

"For what is peace?  It begins with a single step of many, united in creating lasting happiness for all."

Words Unspoken (喜怒哀楽) by Sarah Kakusho

Summer 2013 -- We live in an age where encouragement comes at a price, so people can't help but feel insignificant even in their own lives. And to blanket the negativity, a wall is built, a shield is brought out to defend what little humanity lies within our lives.  People become detached, disconnected, numb.  Locked inside themselves.  All the while words too many mask what's unknowingly felt on the inside.  

喜怒哀楽: To feel happiness, to feel anger, to feel sorrow, to feel comfort.  That which makes us human.   A couple of friends of mine challenged me to write four pieces that would express that which makes us human.  These pieces are that result. Summer 2013 Music Project.

なぜ泣くの by Sarah Kakusho

 May 2013  -- Originally written with an ukulele about six months ago, but wanted to do a piano version too.  Silly me, I didn't write down the chords, so this took hours of tries and being stuck in my head figuring out how to do the piano.  The outcomes of not having a piano readily accessible to practice on, on a daily basis.

Anyway, I was inspired when I watched a movie and one of the characters started singing a lullaby on the whim.  So, I wanted to write my own and it ended up being like this.  The original has lyrics which are in Japanese, but I'll wait to do a better recording of that one. Heh.

PS. Song title means something along the lines of, "Why are you crying?"  which sounds ridiculous in English. lol


Shadows by Sarah Kakusho

May 2013 -- Something inside me is lurking, like casting shadows on all things lit inside of my heart.  Something eating inside me, consuming me and thus turning myself into a shadow.  A shadow, existent yet intangible.  There, yet invisible.

Lately, I've been in a creative and mental slump, so in the immediacy of getting my thoughts down, these short pieces come to be.  My escape.

届かない by Sarah Kakusho

May 2013 -- Upon reflecting on past dreams and current aspirations, I keep seeing the endless gap between where I am and where I want to be.  I'm unable to reach what I want, no matter how hard I try. 届かない。

Recorded on first try so please forgive me for any blips.

Sylph (tentative title) by Sarah Kakusho

This is one of the commission pieces I'm doing for my sister's movie.  It's still a work in progress as the timing still needs to be adjusted for the scenes in the movie.  Will post the final version once it's completed, and will hopefully put a link to the completed music.  Below is the synopsis of the project:

Sylph is a 3D short film of a biological engineered weapon who is a form of a girl with a cold personality, and after being awakened she no longer wanted to stay.She then escaped from the facility and got injured. She then met with a homeless boy, Chase who had a kind heart who has tended her wound and saw the rage and loneliness in Sylph's eyes so then Chase took off his scarf and handed it to Sylph as a token of friendship/kindness.She accepts his red scarf and understands the meaning of compassion.

by Sarah Kakusho

written July 2011 -- composed for the Cosmos Dormitory Festival.  A song of bringing about strength from within by using our adversities as leverage to help us soar. 


I’m a bird, waiting to fly // My wings are spread out wide.
I’m a bird, waiting to fly // My wings are spread out wide.
May the winds of adversity lift me up.
Break through the clouds // Reach far beyond the vast endless sky
Sweet symphony of life.
Collide with such chaos // Feel the impact of our lives
Remember skies of blue come right after the storm nights
I’ll be strong.
Like a distant dream // I can see it now
Yet so far away…
La la la la la la…
Break through the clouds // Reach far beyond the vast endless sky
Sweet symphony of life.
Collide with such chaos // Feel the impact of our lives
Remember skies of blue come right after the storm nights
I’ll be strong.

Dash! by Sarah Kakusho

written April 2011 -- My first attempt to compose without having a physical keyboard.  Created entirely digitally.  Oh, the freedom. I feel this reflects how my life was before coming to Japan: frantic and fleeting, and now that I’ve settled I came reflect.  First piece composed in Japan.  

**side note** my keyboard wouldn’t fit in my luggage bag so it couldn’t come with me. DX time to work my mad digital composition skillz.

頑張る君へ by Sarah Kakusho

written March 2011 -- “It’s pitch dark, but we’ve never seen so many beautiful stars. Look up, Sendai! —conversation at the quake site” http://prayforjapan.jp/tweet_en.html

Even at the darkest moment shines a light of hope in the people.  Camaraderie among the people, unity between countries.  May the sounds of hope carry through the sky, bearing the sun of happiness that will soon shine on a new dawn.

This piece was composed for all those who are struggling with whatever in their lives, big or small.  Thank you for doing the best you can regardless of your circumstances and inspiring me.

夢を追う君 by Sarah Kakusho

written February 2011 -- The world after graduation is filled with many challenges and struggles.  Through the power of music, I composed this piece as a way to encourage to my fellow classmates all over the world.

Live version was performed on September 2, 2012 featuring Tommy Vogtman on electric guitar. 

Song of Appreciation by Sarah Kakusho

written May 2011 -- On the day before our graduation, Chelsea and I performed one last time as students and as Kuru Kuru Team.  This song was dedicated to everyone who supported us through our 4 years as students.  This version is an arrangement done via KshKnxnStudio.


Sittin' in elevators // Studyin' at the bowl
Talkin' on Skype // Travelin' the world
United at heart // On the journey of value creation
Four years gone by // Fuelin' my dreams
Exquisite life // I reminisce
About times with friends that brought such bliss
Thanks for the endless encouragement to endure hardships
We'll take flight from home
Please know that I stand proudly never forgetting all that you have given to me.

仲間 by Sarah Kakusho

written January 2011 -- Friends.  Companions.  Comrades.  Those people you see at your sides, there with you till the very end.

Traveler by Sarah Kakusho

written January 2011 -- My mom once told me that all of my songs sound the same.  And perhaps they do.  But, this was when my hands were my limits.  A little experimentation and a little fun with sounds and effects.  I started with one track… and I kept adding and adding… and it became this.  Gotta keep chuggin’ on through the day, no matter what may block your way.  If you listen closely at the end, you’ll hear the train.

in memory of... by Sarah Kakusho

written December 2010 -- The moment I heard the news, I couldn't help but feel a genuine shock that reminded me of how short life can be and that death can take us at any moment. Live each moment. Make every challenge an opportunity. In the hour before today came, I played whatever came to my heart, in memory of this person.

Time to Fly by Sarah Kakusho

written December 2010 -- This was actually written towards the end of my study abroad in Argentina.  The theme that came of my experiences there was "Not afraid to soar".

Life, そのもの by Sarah Kakusho

written November 2010 -- First piece composed on my Keystudio.  Wanted to see what would come of the free jam session.  

I worked on this piece for a little bit before, but I touched it up for today as it really reflects where I am at this point in my life.  The title “Life, as it is” is pretty self-explanatory.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about the changes in my life whether it be acceptance into a new school, new responsibilities at work, etc.  And it wasn’t until today that I never took the chance to really appreciate all that’s happening right now because I’ve been so focused on the future (how to pay for tuition, rent, etc.)  Some days, it’s just better to appreciate the present moment.

Here it is. The post for this auspicious day, November 18, 2010.  Much appreciation to everyone and everything.  

One University Dr. by Sarah Kakusho

written December 2009 -- Being home for my final winter break as an SUA student, I've become more fond of memories that I have had on campus. Some of the most meaningful self-reflections came to me while walking around campus after midnight on One University Dr.