A Single Moment by Sarah Kakusho

How do you make every moment count?

> Purpose: For the 2012 24-Hour Film Race
> Premiere: 28 June 2012 // Hollywood, California, USA
> Run Time: 3 minutes
> Credit: Angela Leong & Kusho
> Primary Role: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Composer

Refrigerator Confessional by Sarah Kakusho

Small town man moves to the city to try to make it big.  Little does he know what's in store for his future life in the city.
Created for the 48-Hour Film Project.  These were the required elements:
Genre: Horror // Character: Jared Woodnit, actor // Prop: Keyboard // Line: "I have no idea."

Purpose: For the 2010 48 Hour Film Project in LA
Premiere: 25 August 2010 // Santa Monica, California, USA
Run Time: 5 minutes
Credit: Alexander Will, Rebecca Valadez, Angela Leong & Kusho
Primary Role: Director and Producer

Project K5: Life's 60-second Glories by Sarah Kakusho

If life only lasted 60 seconds, how would you view it. The small moments that make big things matter.  An exploration on time, imagination and how our perception of the two shape our world internally and externally. 13 60-second short films on life.

> Purpose: for my senior thesis at Soka University of America on imagination and time.
> Premiere: 28 April 2010 // Aliso Viejo, California, USA
> Run Time: 21 minutes
> Credit: Raymond Numagami, Stewart Taniguchi, Kayoko Tsujimoto, Kamron Jafari, Nandini Choudhury, Peter Karuppiah, Taeko "Ty" Iwamoto, Naoka Tanaka, Angela Leong, Nona Takanashi, Erika Noel, Kusho, Rochelle Rissland, Naomi "Emily" Yamada, Caitlin Shepherd, Lauren Hebert, Mariko Fujii, Takako "Kobame" Kobayashi, Jesus Perez, Taeko "Shippo" Kikuchi & Mami Okuda
> Primary Role: Writer, Producer, Director & Editor

View by vignette: Violoncello // ...zzz // Two Worlds // Thinking in Slow Motion // Based on a True Story // Perpetual // Exposed // Do Not Disturb // Journey // Overcoming Differences // Such Great Heights // This is the Sound of Settling // Life's 60-Second Glories  

> Purpose: marking an end and a new beginning
> Premiere: n/a
> Run Time: 5 minutes
> Team: Kusho
> Primary Role: Cinematographer & Editor

Die. by Sarah Kakusho

Many people, many stories. Just one bag. How far would you go to get what you want?

> Purpose: For HUM 490 - Advanced Topics in Humanities: Analog & Digital Culture
> Premiere: 16 December 2009 // Aliso Viejo, California, USA
> Run Time: 15 minutes
> Credit: Jean Marcus Silva, Kelly Gochomoto, Kusho, Rohan Narasimhan, David Ciancanelli, Armando DuBon Jr., Malina Phetchanpheng, Travis Koh, Madeline Brownfield & Tomas Crowder
> Primary Role: Director of Photography, Cinematographer & Editor

The Proxy by Sarah Kakusho

Three writers are placed in a room with a task to write a screenplay. How they got there and why they are there, they don't even truly know.

> Purpose: For Learning Cluster 17 - Filmmaking: Effective Visual Rhetoric
> Premiere: 28 January 2009 // Aliso Viejo, California, USA
> Run Time: 15 minutes
> Credit: Young Foley & Kusho
> Primary Role: Co-Director, Cinematographer & Editor

There is No Twelve by Sarah Kakusho

A young mysterious, sunglass wielding man calmly approaches the local gas station, when he receives an alluring invitation from an even more mysterious teenage girl. Little does he realize the mischievous intentions of the stranger, who mercilessly robs him of his sole possession – wallet. But as the girl rejoices via an expensive meal, she quickly learns the futility of her newfound item. The wallet, thus, begins (or should we say continues) its magical journey, being thrown around, left behind, abused and drowned.

> Purpose: For HUM 333 - Film History & Cinematic Arts
> Premiere: 12 May 2008 // Aliso Viejo, California, USA
> Run Time: 8 minutes
> Credit: VM Productions Team is Kusho, Jakub Kasztalski, Akari Nakanishi & Kyle Skahill
> Primary Role: Co-Director, Cinematographer & Editor

As of Now by Sarah Kakusho

A screenwriter tries to reconcile with his past.

> Purpose: For Learning Cluster 02 - Foreign & Independent Films
> Premiere: 30 January 2008 // Aliso Viejo, California, USA
> Run Time: 30 minutes
> Credit: LC-02 Productions is Ali Ahsan, Kartika Budhwar, Kelly Gochomoto, Kusho, Jakub Kasztalski, Cintia Kussuda, Erica Lee, Justin Levine, Emilio Rosa & Ragini Showkeen
> Primary Role: Co-Director, Cinematographer, Set Designer & Editor

Reality Offset: Lost Cause by Sarah Kakusho

Three different worlds of three characters with different levels of interest in an MMORPG world collide. As the world in the MMORPG world begin to blend with the reality world, each character experiences different levels of effects like aggression, addiction, and fading perception reality.

> Purpose: Learning Cluster 14 - Psychological Effects of Video Games
> Premiere: 31 January 2007 // Aliso Viejo, California, USA
> Run Time: 24 minutes
> Credit: LC-14 Productions is JuJu Horino, Kusho, Jakub Kasztalski, Josh Lucas, Swapnil Mathur, Ravi Raghuram, Kyle Skahill, Sylvia Sogabe, Andy Wicker & Naoto Yoshizawa
> Primary Role: Director & Editor