[slump day #3] excerpt from Promise to Repeat, "I Love You" -- a fanfic piece / by Sarah Kakusho

Rika and Kari’s complexions grew red and their sight slowly gave way.  Their legs dangled over the city as the enemy held them over the buildings edge.  Where they were, they did not know.  Who they were with, slipped their minds.  Where they were going, they did not want to know.

“Pick one, Ryo.”

Ryo stood petrified, staring in horror.

“Pick one.”

Ryo just looked at the ground and muttered a “Fine.”  The grip around the girls’ necks loosened and the two girls fell.

Ryo launched himself forward, grabbing Kari’s hand and then shouting, “RIKA!” as he and Kari dangled from the edge of building.  The extreme rush of blood to the head knocked Rika unconscious as she plunged down the side of the building.  The enemy disappeared.

Gathering his composure, Ryo pulled Kari up and set her down on the ground.  Kari opened her eyes and gasped for air.  She looked around confused of where she was, but a strong sense of relief rushed over her. 

Ryo rushed to the edge.  ”Rika…”

Feeling the wind picking up, Rika slowly opened her eyes to find herself adrift in the sky.  She was neither hanging nor standing…she was falling.  She hoped that it wouldn’t end this way.  At least you have one person less to worry about.  She neared the ground.  And when she thought it was over, she felt someone catch her.