Peace Forever live / by Sarah Kakusho

Nearly 10 Years Ago — ほぼ10年前のこと 

While cleaning out my computer, I found this recording of a gig I did as a band at one of the tri-area meetings at the Florida Nature and Culture Center (FNCC).  We played a song called “Peace Forever” in front of an audience of nearly 1000 people.  I wasn’t the best of players, but when we played together we played with heart and that’s all that we had going for us.  The biggest thrill of my life.

パソコンの整理をしてたら、ほぼ10年前の創価学会の会合で演奏した曲のレコーディング。千人の前で「Peace Forever」という曲だった。自分は「プロ」でもいえるぐらいのレベルじゃなかったけど、みんなと合わせたら心の底から演奏した。たぶん自分にとってこれは人生の中で一番の思い出になった演奏だと思う。

Guitar & Vocal: TK — Bass: Kurt — Drums: Kana — Keyboard: Kusho — Violin: Erica — Viola: Jade — Flute: Jenna