freely written #1 / by Sarah Kakusho

And so I question the purpose of my being, why I’m here, why I do what I do,
All the while I’m mindlessly doing what my responsibilities tell me to do
My life lacks something, something so deep within that I cannot pinpoint
It lacks purpose, direction, a path that leads from now to that dreadful endpoint
Where’s the motivation, the drive, the fire that kept me running inside
Did it burn out or was it all just lies and excuses dictating
Every bone, every muscle, every blood flow of my body
Shackled in routine, as I unconsciously obey all the orders that are given to me
I try to leave, but something holds me back, holds me close,
Embracing me, convincing me as if I didn’t have a choice
So stuck.  At a standstill, pondering away, wasting my time
Questioning the steps I’ve taken and where to step from here, while in the meantime
Friends and family, and the world pass me by
As if there is no reason to question “Why?”

But deep in my mind I believe I’m able to find what’s really behind
The true meaning of everything if we were able to really think
To really feel; to really actualize what we want to believe in
Because life’s not just some petty game that we were forced to play
But a reality that we play to challenge ourselves to take the next step
To make the next move, to advance with the courage to really breakthrough 
And so I stand before you, here today
With hands together, sincerely I pray
Determined at heart with these words to say
“Today will be great, cuz I’ll make it through,
Steadfast and undefeated to make my dreams come true.”