chapter’s end. a new beginning. / by Sarah Kakusho

Less than 12 hours before my departure, it’s hard to believe how fast life after SUA, or rather, life after years of receiving formal education in institutions is. I guess I would be inclined to feel that way; 16 (17, if you include kindergarten) years of education, every few years changing the environment here and there, would make us yearn the life we dubbed the “real world.”

Life after graduation instantly became a faith-based summer, while spending 9 months as a working class citizen, working an 8-hour day plus added overtime on nights and weekends. Both these self-identifying events in my life truly shifted my perspective to see the things I value: 1) Efficiency, 2) Ingenuity, 3) Patience, 4) Compassion, 5) Justice… and so on. Details aside, there’s still so much to learn.

In the midst of all of this uncertainty in the world, learning is the one thing I can do to help benefit the future. To learn what suffering is, to learn what joy is, to learn what I can do for someone, to learn what it means to touch someone’s heart. These are the things we said we couldn’t learn in school because some things just can’t be taught. But, it’s these things we come across that we find we yearn the most and it isn’t until we KNOW the “real world” that we can realize them.

Life after SUA came work and now I return to education, more determined than ever to quench my thirst for learning. Maybe during these past 17 years of the 23 years of my existence, I didn’t do enough as a student. Perhaps, I could’ve studied more on that one test, or maybe I shouldn’t have settled for that A- and turned in my homework on time. Maybe I could’ve asked more questions or read into the readings more deeply.

Using these regrets as the stepping stone to fully engage myself as a student again, I finish the short-lived, but equally important chapter I was living and open the book of my life to a new one as I begin life at Bekka. And this time, the “real world” is coming with me.

En route to Japan.
-Musings of an Aspiring Filmmaker