2010: Once Upon a Times and Happily Ever Afters / by Sarah Kakusho

2010 for me began as a “Once upon a time, there was senior at SUA…” but the story was far from ending like a storybook.  2010 was far from going the way I had outlined and it came with results far from what I had expected.  But it was the closest I had ever been to the dreams I chased.  With the year ending in mere minutes to midnight, I spend my last night in 2010 lying in bed with Kuma as my company and thoroughly reflecting on my year as I listen to much beloved K-ON!! music.

From my endless struggle to complete grad school applications and then being declined four times from those three schools — to holding elections as SSU Attorney General and protecting the future of SSU — to finishing Capstone — to struggling to find a job, an apartment and a car and all being obtained the week of graduation — to graduating with my classmates from SUA as part of the class of 2010 — to supporting Rock the Era with my life with thousands of people as I struggled to keep up at work — to many film projects — to two film screenings at two film festivals — to performing again in the now Ikeda Youth Ensemble — to editing videos for work — to getting accepted into the Bekka program at SUJ… This was my hard-earned year. 2010.

This year my life was filled with many laughs and tears, hellos and goodbyes, and struggles and victories.  

I also re-immersed myself in anime, something I felt I would grow out of over time.  But, I feel now, I have a sense of appreciation and understanding of the working behind the creation of each show.  So many people are brought together to realize one series, and their creation brings many more people together to enjoy.  While it may be through fanaticism, these works move the people.  Hard work and care move the people.

While we’re in a society so driven by money and consumerism, and while a money value has been put on hard work, dedication and care, the true value comes from the amount people who appreciate the work you’ve created for them.  Being immersed in K-ON and other shows have shown me this.  In my opinion, some of the best animes aired in 2010.  It was definitely an adventure that helped me take a break from all that was happening in my life.  Thank you to the creators, production staff, cast, and broadcasters.

And much appreciation to everyone that’s in my life. 2010 wouldn’t have been as crazy and joyous if all of you weren’t part of it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. While there are many more things I want to express to show my appreciation to my family, friends and colleagues, words simply cannot express them.  But, I hope that one day, I’ll be able to express them through the actions I take right now.  With a year closer towards my goal, I’ll continue running towards my dreams.  Let’s keep ROCKING THE ERA with the beginning of a new decade.  

May 2011 (amidst all of the other stuff) bring more joy and laughter!

Thanks for an amazing 2010! 
Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! 明けましておめでとうやで!
- Musings of an Aspiring Filmmaker