Day 49: Sleepy Sundays / by Sarah Kakusho

Yep…so I never really intended for Sundays to be Hikikomori days, where I just stay in my room and study, but it just so happened to turn out that way. And just as always, I never get anything tangible done. I get the thinking part down; I got the taking notes part over with…but to actually do an assignment, it’s almost mind-numbingly pointless.

I do the readings for class, and because I never usually have anything to contribute during discussions, I just sit and listen to the professor lecture. Granted, this is what I do at SUA, but could a class be anymore tiring than it already is? This week, I’ve realized just how draining it is to commute to class. I’ve always said it was a long walk to the subte and then a long walk from the subte, just to get to the university, but physically, it hit me hard.

I’ve been passing out on my bed the moment I get back home. It’s a nice break, an hour or so, and it gears me up for a night of studying. But, at the same time, it throws of my sleep schedule. A sleep later, then have to wake up early again. Although, it’s become routine for the past…9 years of my life [oh shit I feel old], it’s time to get back into rhythm with what my subconscious is telling me.

Anyway, motivation. It’s a hard thing to find, especially when you know there are better things to do. It’ll come around soon, I hope.

“Me gusta estar a un lado del camino // Fumando el humo mientras todo pasa // Me gusta abrir los ojos y estar vivo”

“I like to be on the side of the sidewalk, smoking away while everything passes by // I like to open my eyes and be alive”
– “Al Lado del Camino” by Fito Paez

End – Week 7: Brave New World