Day 48: Rain, Rain, Thanks Today, Don’t Come Back Another Day / by Sarah Kakusho

Filming was canceled today. Due to rain.

Normally, I would be slightly disappointed, if not pissed, to have missed a day of filming, but because I could miss it today, I was able to go see sensei’s video. Yaay.

Erika and I went to the Asian market, to look for food. I totally wanted to buy everything there, but obviously couldn’t because I was gonna go to the kaikan afterwards… and it would’ve sucked to carry everything over there. XD So yes. We were walking in the rain and having fun getting wet by the overhangs.

We went to Erika’s district leader’s house, because she had said she would take us. We took a taxi over the kaikan. Entering through the gates is like entering into a familiar world. I totally felt like I left Argentina for a few hours. The video was pretty interesting. I remember comprehending a lot of it during the actual viewing, but I think I still need to work on retaining that comprehension. X_x

After I got back to my end of Buenos Aires, I had a pretty chill evening with a few people. While we were waiting for a table to get dinner at Humana, we met up with other people from our program. We were talking, waiting for our table…slightly cold [freezing]. So originally, we were supposed to eat around 9:30ish. We actually got in like an hour and 15 minutes later.

But it was worth it.

They had good food. Man, so much was put out on the table, both literally and metaphorically. I learned a lot about people that whom I knew, but didn’t really know. It was fun.

But, damn rain. Too cold for ice cream for me.