Day 47: Extra Step Necessary to Move On / by Sarah Kakusho

Up until this point, I’ve come a long way. It’s not even halfway there yet, but I’ve had many difficulties, victories, and stories to tell about both. But, I think this week alone, I’ve had this sense of stability and assurance that I’m okay now. This week was about getting back into my old skin with a new mental self. Just as SUA’s hustle-and-bustle restarted for another year this week, I was hustling and bustling on a different path for myself.

I think I’ve finally let go of SUA. Not the memories that I have of SUA, but my dependency and my constant comparison between SUA and Buenos Aires. They are incomparable, two distinct and separate entities. Comparing two things between each other does nothing, especially in such an inevitable position such as study abroad.

Therefore, I took another step, beyond the hustle and bustle that SUA had me doing for the past two year that helped me grow to become more compassionate, more open, more positive. A step from the exterior self that I’ve created, and into my innermost being.

So, I got my eyebrow pierced today.


I went to the piercing parlor with Erika and a few of her friends [I met Kamron look-alike!] who were also getting something pierced. I was really nervous actually. I made my decision last-minute after Erika came out of the room with her ears pierced. !!! The lady was speaking to me in English. I was kind relieved, because I was so nervous, I don’t think Spanish would’ve gotten through to me [or maybe I was speaking in Spanish and I just don’t remember…].

But yea. It stung a little, but it was quick and easy. I was in and out. 30 pesos.

We had to go the pharmacy to pick up the solution and soap, so we stopped by there. It was funny because the four of us all bought the same things. Pretty funny.

When I got back home, I passed out. I don’t know why I was so tired, but when I woke up, I had forgotten I got my eyebrow pierced and it scared the shit outta me. Hahah.

Later tonight, I went to my friend’s house to watch two [actually 1 and a quarter] movies for class. This was the friend who had the slightly “racist” host mom. She was really nice and not at all as my friend described. She later told me that she was in one of her better moods today. Whew. Regardless, I was mentally ready, just in case anything happened.

But, afterwards when we stopped the second movie [because the quality was just too bad], we were just talking about life and music here in Buenos Aires. For the first time, since I’ve been here, I really thought that I didn’t want to leave Buenos Aires. That 5 months is slightly too short.

My subconscious is telling me to enjoy it while I can, to take that extra step.