Day 46: Devoid of Any Opinion. So, This is What It’s Like to Be a Robot. / by Sarah Kakusho

Having 3 classes in one day is…tiring. I don’t know how people do it. Of course, one class is 3 hours long…and the other one starts 8am so I have to get up at 6 to catch the train at 7… Mm, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to have 3 classes at Soka, but here…it’s just so draining. Because I sit there. And listen.

But the classes are interesting. Just…the times suck.

I’ve never realized how philosophical cinema could be. But, when I think about it, how could I not realize that film was so philosophical, especially since it’s one of the age’s most innovative art form. It’s very interesting, and it makes me even happier that I’ve stuck with the Humanities concentration.

Perfect for my Capstone.

Aside from that, I’m learning things that I’ve already known in the practical aspect of my studies here. In a sense, it’s good to learn it in a classroom setting, just because it’s good to confirm and keep-in-check the things I know. On the other hand, it’s rather boring. But, I’m sure I’ll get something out of it.

Actually, this Saturday, I get to work with a camera with my group. It’s funny how the grouping worked out. This is one of the classes that’s required for the film track only, so it’s only COPA film track students. That’s eight of us. The professor just divided us in half with the alpha-order list. So, all the people who’ve never made a film got grouped into one, and all the people who have made a film got grouped in the other. Curious, isn’t it? XD

Filming will be interesting.

P.S. I think this is the shortest entry I’ve written thus far. I guess that’s what it means to be a robot.