Day 45: Where Did the Month Go? / by Sarah Kakusho

Hm… I have to write a mini capstone for my Aesthetics and Theory of Show Biz class… I only call this a mini capstone because my professor and everyone else in the class call it a thesis. So… wow.

It’s September… and Spring is here…

I’m busy like whoa. I don’t know what hit me. It’s like a sudden tsunami of readings, movies and assignments completely drowning me and taking me deep into the depths of academic suicide. Luckily for me, I’ve bought myself a month’s worth of rice crackers from the oriental mart. I’m set for late nights [like tonight].

This is my break actually…

Today after all of my classes, a few friends and I went to watch a movie for class. It was fun walking around the city with them and getting to know each other more outside of the classroom setting. Definitely enjoyable to have coffee and discuss movies with them. Btw, McDonald’s food here is much better than in the states. Hands down.

I’m actually, really tired…but I feel this will be my first all-nighter here. To prevent this from ever happening again, I’m going to start my homework on weekends, as I had proposed to myself before classes even started.

I checked my email today, and it was amazingly full of mass emails from SUA. It made me sad. But, it has great meaning.

My life here is picking up, just as everyone else’s at SUA. Yay. We’re on track.

Okay, back to work…

P.S, here are some pics of the fotocopiadora. XD The land of cheap photocopies.