Day 71: ...still in the process of doing a major update... / by Sarah Kakusho

As the title says, I'm still in the process of doing a massive update on this blog. Maybe after Wednesday, I'll be good and up-to-date. Yay, for midterms (pt.1) week! X_X

I came to a nice realization today in class. Cinema is a very humanistic art. The fact that its life has the subjectivity to change is amazing, giving any one subject the opportunity to change, up until death. However, the moment the subject dies, the state of the subject cannot be changed.

Applied now: Let's say there's a bad character in a movie. Throughout the movie, the subjectivity of this bad character allows him to change for the good, if he choose to be. He can change and become a good person. However, he could also not change and die, and he'll forever be branded as the bad character. Cinema allows the possibility to change up until the last moment of life.

Isn't that great.

Cinema as the humanistic art of the 21st century. I believe I can change the world with this.

On a different note: I HATE WRITING PAPERS... IN SPANISH