Day 61: The World Stops for COPA… SERIOUSLY / by Sarah Kakusho

There’s nothing BETTER than needing to wake up at 6 in the morning on a Friday when one HAS NO CLASS. Absolutely nothing.

I had the second part of my visa thing today. I overheard someone from my program talking, and I absolutely agree: by the time we get our visas, we’d only have 50-some days left in Argentina. And even so, apparently if we were to travel outside of Argentina during the semester, we could just continue studying here WITHOUT a visa because a tourist can stay a max of 90 days.

So, I met up with two people in my program to go to this visa place. We got there at 7:30 [we were supposed to meet at 8] and there was already a line of at least 50 people. We were about to get in line when this guy who had some connection with our program said we had to wait for him. So we waited…and waited…

But, it was cool. I got to talk to people inside and outside of my program. For a moment, when I was talking to people, I wanted to stay for a year because just hearing how well these people spoke was amazing. But, I don’t think I could stay a year. It’s too much.

So anyway, when we were finally allowed to go in, after almost 45 minutes of waiting in the cold, we were met with another huge mass of people. Literally it was a little past 8 and it looked like there were people waiting for a concert to happen or something. We skipped past them and we were sat down to wait for our papers and stuff.

The process itself was BORING. I’m glad I did get there earlier, because I did get priority. I was third in line within my program. So they stamped this and that, and took down my info. I paid 200 pesos and I thought I was done. I seriously thought, till 3pm my ass… I’m already done.

Then the lady tells me to go past these doors and wait for my name to be called. I was like okay.

When I go in, there’s seriously about 8 people, nada mas. So, someone please explain to me why my name didn’t get called till noon. Out of nowhere all these people were getting called before me, and they had just walked in… Luckily I brought my homework, but I fell asleep reading it…waiting.

And my name was the first to get called in from my program, so I didn’t expect to hear my name, right. I snort awake and look around, dumbfounded, before everyone in my program were like “FINALLY” and then gesturing me to desk.

So, you would think all this waiting would amount to something really awesome. No.

It was a piece of paper and they just took my thumbprint. That’s it…

I think I would’ve spent those 4-5 hours much better…cuz after that, I just ended up sleeping the rest of the day. Yay. What a waste.