Day 43: Like an SOS Signal That’s Finally Gotten Some Attention / by Sarah Kakusho

When I walked out this morning from the building, I felt like I was stepping out into Buenos Aires for the first time. The world seemed like a different place, but at the same time, there was something nostalgic about it. The air was the same, but the way it lingered was different; the buildings were all the same, but the way they glowed under the sun was different. Everything was a whole new uplifting experience. It was almost too unreal to be happening…

Something was waiting for me…

I had left in the first place in order to get some major housekeeping done for my program. Today was the deadline to turn in all final registration forms so that we can get our transcripts at the end of the semester. So, I had to go to FUC first to see if I can figure out the other professors’ names that I wasn’t able to get. Turns out, they didn’t know who taught what at the office, and I didn’t want to bother waiting at the student center to find out. So, I left and went to the copiadora to print out the form and find some materials for class.

Luckily, I was able to find a syllabus for the one class that was absolutely confusing me [where people were writing theses for evaluation and stuff]. So, I’m on par with that class now. Kinda…

I printed out the paper and went to look for my program office, which I hadn’t been to before. It was an adventure… big streets and all. Luckily, I ran into someone else from my program and so we found the place. It was like a regular office building…and really high-class ish and secure. So, I got all that done, turning in my form.

I was really tired by then, but I had class. So I got back to FUC and I was soooo happy to see that two other people from my program were in the same class. This is the one class that was supposed to be on Wednesdays, but the one commission I was in changed to its original schedule [to Mondays], so the other people were torn whether to take the Friday one or this one, so luckily, I had comrades.

This class was actually interesting. I’m really beginning to think that philosophy is easier to understand in Spanish, and it’s more interesting too. Or rather, maybe it’s because it’s about art and aesthetics. Soka should have more classes like that, concentrating on the arts. It’s important, you know. If filmmaking falls through, maybe I’ll get a degree in teaching art & philosophy at SUA. Hahaha. ONLY KIDDING.

Afterwards, I needed to find 2 movies that I needed to watch by tomorrow. La Ciénaga and La Niña Santa. It was REALLY stupid of me to leave this to the day before. When I went to Liberarte, supposedly one of the best video rental places in Buenos Aires, all the copies were rented out… I was shit outta luck. So, I tried looking online to find some bootleg copy. Angela helped me find a site that had a download for La Ciénaga pero half the links were expired, so I couldn’t get them.

I’m hoping I could suffice with just reading the detailed synopses of these, and learn from this experience…to never wait till the last moment.

Arg, today was a busy and tiring day. Too much to do, still stressing out, but still striving forward, I really thought my days would drag along like this for the rest of my study abroad. I didn’t know how I could even travel with an academic load like this. But, then I remembered, I have unlimited potential that I just need to unlock within me.

So, it’s been, give or take, a month since I’ve last gotten in touch with SGI here about trying to find a district that I can go to meetings for. Today, was the day I got the call. However, I can’t go because I have class. But, I was able to make a connection.


Like an SOS signal that’s finally gotten some attention.