Day 60: Rush of Blood to the Head / by Sarah Kakusho

So two other people and I turned in a paper today for Panorama de Lit. It was a group paper on the comparison of the Odyssey and the Aneid. There were only 3 questions, and it was pretty damn easy. Awesome.

One thing I’ve definitely gotten used to and I realized today was the fact that I can walk faster without gasping for breath. And that’s with carrying my laptop too. Although it’s a pain to stuff myself into the subway cart in the mornings, it’s totally worth bringing my laptop to class.

So, why did I bring it especially today?

For my show biz class, I had a paper (10 lines) about the No-Places and Violence, and another on my pre-thesis. I worked on it a little in between Pan de Lit and Intro, but I had to run home because I’ve still yet to buy a friggin converter for my adapter.

When I get home, I realize I didn’t like my thesis topic. So I changed it. It’s now Representation and Stereotypes of Asians in North American Cinema. Pretty interesting right? Yea, hopefully.

Anyway, what’s amazing is, I was able to finish both of these in the span of 2 hours. Both a page each and in Spanish. I’d say, that’s pretty awesome accomplishment [don’t judge me, I’m special].

So, I leave early to rush to the fotocopiadora near my school and ask them to print. I was so excited, because I was on top of it. I was ready to start class. I was so happy I got caught up. It was the greatest feeling.

And the professor ended up not showing.

Which was okay, I guess. It was a needed break for me most definitely. Actually, it was more of a little present. XD

However, because I hadn’t done a presentation thus far in class, my name was one of the few that got called to get my pre-thesis read and analyzed. So throughout the first part of class I was panicking, thinking my thing was going to be read. Luckily, the people in the class were asking other thing about the thesis SO we didn’t read it the first part of class.

And I ran away during break.