Day 57: Re-determination… Doesn’t Come So Easily / by Sarah Kakusho

I raced a pigeon today. Guess which one of us won. Me. Wanna know another pigeon no-joke? Why didn’t the pigeon have to cross the road? Because I kicked it to the other side. Seriously. I can step right next to a pigeon and it won’t fly away. No joke.

So, why do I start off on this random spiel about pigeons? Because, for some reason, there’s not much to talk about. I just want to run away from my surroundings and hide under a rock. It’s incredibly hard. I’m slowly beginning to realize just how hard it is to live. Yes, to live. We can die at any moment, but we can’t live fully without regrets without fully realizing and making each moment count.

I was really reluctant to leave my room today. But, then I thought, hey, what was the point of me coming here anyway. *dry look*

Right now, I’m stuck in a bind. I just need to plow through it. Somehow, all the while playing catch up. XP

On a good note, I found out I’m in the group where all my friends are for the Bariloche trip. It’s from Oct. 24-26. Something to look forward to in the coming month. XD

P.S. Things that should be watched:
SNL Skit - Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton Open
Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin