Day 55: Like a Scene from a Movie / by Sarah Kakusho

Today is one of those days where I had to commit myself to a group study meeting for our cinematographic aesthetics class. We had to analyze a movie called Close Up by an Iranian director in the context of a reading we read. It wasn’t too bad.

I was walking down Palermo Soho, and it was probably one of the most beautiful and peaceful streets I had ever seen. It was quite and the sidewalks were lined with trees that shed their browning leaves. The air was crisp and cool, but the sun’s warmth complemented it nicely. The place we were meeting was a small book store with a small café that had an outside patio. Because there were 6 of us, we had to sit outside. But it was nice.

Like any group study situation [or at least I think], we did a little more than talk about what we needed to get done. In face, I think we worked for about a good hour talking about the movie and the texts, but the other 2 hours we spent just talking. It was cool and in Spanish, because one of the girls in the group is studying abroad from Spain.

The place felt homey. I wouldn’t mind taking the 15-minute subte there every day just to study there and have a nice cafecito and sandwich.

Tonight, I also went out with another friend for dinner. We went to the same place we went last week. While I thought it was name Humana, it’s actually Cumana. So, we went there, this time no waiting, because we went earlier and there were only two of us. My friend decided to be daring and ordered a dish called Mondongo Argentino and I just got Pastel de papa y lomo, which is essentially a thick stew with potatoes and beef.

So, when our food came, we both gave each other a little to try. I got a nice spoonful of my friends Mondongo and thought it was interesting. The meat sort of melted in my mouth and the texture was a lot like fat, but didn’t taste like it. Actually, to me it didn’t taste like anything except tomato and onions. So, we were enjoying our food till my friend gets about a quarter of the way through, and I see this slap of meat that literally looks like a thick piece of mesh fabric…or really squishy coral of some kind, just casually sitting in her bowl.

I was eating my dish because it was delicious, when my friend says “can you try this?” and puts another thing of interesting looking “meat” in my bowl, so I try it, and it tasted like nothing. I continued eating, but as I watched my friend poking around at the “coral-y thing” I started to feel a little sick. We had a discussion on what kind of meat it could be and how we should find out. After I had finished, my friend wondered whether she should just order empanadas. But, we ended up leaving and we got ice cream at Freddo’s instead.

We had a very deep conversation about “love” and relationships. It was very interesting to be talking about that again, so openly at that. And, I’ve finally found someone that will call me Kusho here. 8]

So, I get back to the apartment and I get a text from my friend. Apparently, what I stuck in my mouth twice was cow stomach. I swear I had lost my mind the moment I read that. Surprisingly, I recovered pretty quickly from the momentary freak out and just shrugged it off. As she said, “it would be something to brag about.”

It was an interesting night.