Day 54: Time Waits for No One / by Sarah Kakusho

I met with Erika today and we decided to venture into the unknown…or at least for me. We took the colectivo [first time for me in…nearly 5 weeks] to La Boca where the famous colorful buildings are. It was cool. I saw water! …that smelled like the swamps in SWFL [which I miss]…for like 5 minutes before it smelled like bad pollution [which I don’t want to recall ever again]. Green Planet! Save Argentina!

Anyway, we got attacked by vendors of stands and hosts of restaurants. It was really annoying. There were about like 10 of ‘em that just came at us in a row asking us the same things. There was also this guy sitting in a chair named Diego and we could’ve taken a picture with… only thing is, we didn’t know who he was in terms of whether he was famous or not. XD So, it was funny. Cuz, we were like who would want to take a picture with some random guy and pay him for it. X_X

I really like the buildings here. They look much better in reality than the pics that you see in guide books and stuff. It’s definitely a must-see place if ever you’re in the Buenos Aires area.

Erika and I also bought a binder/album thing so we can put together something for the Founder. We’re gonna write letters and get some pictures printed and show him Argentina, through our eyes. A nice little project to run away to. XD

As my triple-digit number of days that I’m here slowly comes to a close, I’m beginning to realize just how crucial the time I spend in Argentina is. In the past 50-some days, what have I done? What have I accomplished while being here? During the week, each day passes like any other and studying takes my nights and weekends away. How can I keep up with my academics and enjoy Buenos Aires also? Is it even possible?

Some days I just wonder: will I regret anything, continuing the lifestyle that I’m so conditioned to live in right now? I want to go places, but time and money holds me back. Iguazu would be awesome; Tierra de Fuego would be even cooler. But, I shrug the thought off, save it for another day, all the while I don’t realize that it’s just procrastination laughing in my face, trapping me in karmic boundaries.

At this point, I don’t think I’ll regret anything, since I think I’m enjoying myself pretty freely, given the constraints I’m in. I’m beginning to say random Spanish phrases without thinking about them like “mas o menos” or “en serio” which is another step into language immersion. I used to have to think about that. At the same time, I feel that I can go further.

But how far can I go without breaking what I have? I’m feeling pressure from both ends: from the back because there’s not enough time, from the front because there’s too much to do.

All while this goes on, time waits for no one. Such cruelty.