Day 53: Kusho and the Book of Baudrillard / by Sarah Kakusho

I think I went to about 8 different book stores on Calle Florida looking for one, single book my Estetica y Teorias del Texto Espectaculo class today. And better yet, they were all part of the same chains too: Distal, Ateneo, Cuspide.

The first few places I went to I looked for the book myself in the philosophy and art sections. I couldn’t find them, so I started asking around. At first when I asked, I didn’t know how to say the name, but when I showed it to them, they knew exactly what I was talking about, but then they told me they didn’t have any copies.

I was so exhausted and so tired of saying the authors name and not being understood, but the second to last book store I went to referred me to another book store within their chain that had one copy. So I ran over there to get it, and ran to class [a good 20 blocks]. But yea. It was not fun. I think I’m set for not going into another book store in Argentina, though I think I highly doubt that… [oh, how I miss the campus bookstore].

Luckily, this morning I overslept and missed my 8am class. Usually, I would freak out about missing class, but today I didn’t. Actually, I take that back. I woke up at around 8:30 and then stopped caring a second later, because by the time I got there, class would’ve ended anyway. So, I took my time this morning, getting ready. I was able to PROPERLY clean my piercing today with antibacterial, and not just overly spray it with the antibiotic stuff after showering.

I think I hate Thursdays. The classes I have on Thursdays vary in difficulty. Pan de Lit is more or less easy because I’m kind of specialized in literature; Intro is just an intro to film and film culture of Argentina so I’m learning things in it; and Aesthetics and Theories is mecha hard and LONG [2 and half hours].

The book I was looking for was actually for that class, the re-dificil class. Last minute, right? I was supposed to read it for this class, but I didn’t have the time to look for the book, after I went to 3 book stores earlier this week to find it.

Anyway… it’s an interesting book, now that class ended and we touched upon it a little. I’m getting more and more materials for Capstone, which I’m definitely excited about [kinda].

The things I do for class.