Day 39: Sleeeeeeeeep / by Sarah Kakusho

I woke up early today. In fact I woke up before the alarm clock twice today. Very curious. I wasn’t sure what woke me up, but you know that feeling that you overslept and all you’re thinking about is getting all your things together, dumping an excessive amount of mouthwash into your mouth and running like your ass is on fire. Yea, woke up like that twice, except I stared at the clock blankly wondering why I woke up at 4:00 and then again at 5:15.

I actually had time to make myself breakfast and take my time this morning… but thanks to the subway, being the way it is sometimes, it stopped at 9 de Julio [one stop before where I was supposed to get off] for a few minutes longer than usual to allow people who were running late to get on.

Well it’s okay. It’s Argentine culture to be late anyway…

I got to lit class…and fell asleep. Great, right? Yet, I still have a page of notes in my notebook, which still amazes me. I can multitask in my sleep… Wtf. Well, after class my friends and I stopped by McDonald’s to help us wake up. The McDonald’s here are not like the ones in the U.S. It’s like an actual café. I had cheese biscuits, 2 for 3,50 pesos which is equivalent to more or less a $1.25. It was good.

So, I brought my laptop with me today because we had to present a pictures/song/video representing New York for my second class today. It’s funny. Someone else brought their laptop also, but for some reason, everyone asked me to use my laptop to play their music or to find their pics on the net. The professor at one point told me I should charge them rental.

Ahh, I miss working. Poo. Too bad we can’t get jobs here. I miss it tanto mucho.

Speaking of rental…I forgot to return the DVDs I rented from Blockbusters. We’ll see how the late policy works here. X_x. Well, at least I was able to watch the movies again. They were good. I love them. It’s refreshing to watch light-hearted American movies.

I should really watch them in Castellano.

I had a third class today, too, but let’s just say that’s a forbidden topic to talk about at this point in time. All I can say is that almost everyone in there is a 3rd year [senior] and they were talking about writing theses in there. I was slightly aghast… “slightly” being a HUGE understatement. I’m just glad people in there are nice enough to talk to foreigners like me especially since I’m the only exchange student from my program in the class, because I intended to talk to the professor after class, but she zoomed out before anyone left. Felt like I was left out in the cold.

Which reminds me. It was really cold today. The weather here changes just as drastically as it does in Aliso Viejo. I thought I was going to freeze to death. I had to stop by a few kiosks on the way back to the subway just to warm myself up again.

Well [back to the topic of classes], I feel I can work with the load I’m working with right now. It’s a lot of work, but I have a lot of time. I’m not stressing about it anymore…or at least I’m not consciously stressing about it. I’m learning a lot and it’s a lot more interesting, too. Maybe it’s just because it relates to film that I’m more hyped to learn about it. I dunno…

I’m tired. I can’t write anymore. So, go read something else like this: Hikikomori

On a random side-note, it’s official, my sister is applying to SUA. W00t w0t.