Day 37: Sanshoshima Never Sleeps… / by Sarah Kakusho

Mmk. So, the returning of my bad stress rash on my legs should’ve been a clue that I was beginning to stress myself out again. The returning of bad acne should’ve also been a clue that I was beginning to stress myself out again.


So, my body is screaming at me, full-on. Hives attack #2, full throttle. During my 10am class this morning, I suddenly felt my left eye become slightly puffy, and by the end of class, I could only open it half-way. When I rolled up the sleeves of my sweater, my arms were completely welted and swollen. Since it was covered, I didn’t rush to get home [I just put my sunglasses on and it was fine].

I stopped by Blockbusters, and registered for membership. I rented The Bucket List and Little Miss Sunshine. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen either of these movies earlier.

Anyway, when I got to my room, my torso started to burn slightly, so peered at my back with a mirror, and it was completed welted also, just as my arms. I thought I had a fever for a while, because my face started to burn as well. My face blew up like a balloon. I didn’t know what to do because I had class; I had a 3-hour time span to try to fix this. So, I popped some Sudafed into my system [since I forgot to bring my usual Claritin for Hives] which got me really drowsy and took a nap, with a cold, wet towel on my face.

When I woke up, it wasn’t much better, though it wasn’t as hot as it initially was. I decided to chant, something I hadn’t done since…2 weeks ago. I didn’t want to go to class looking like this, because I didn’t want to get asked what happened, as I wouldn’t know how to reply in Spanish. I did what I could…and left with still a slightly puffy face.

Well, needless to say, I survived class without any comments, and when I got back to my room, and looked at how I looked in the mirror, the welts were gone and my acne, too. I swear I thought I saw someone else in the mirror at first.

Yes, I’ve been so stressed, I’ve been popping a million capillaries in my face and it took a serious case of hives to wash out all the bad blood and bacteria from my skin.

Agh. You know, it’s amazing what a few words from your parents can do for you. I called both of them today, and I’m glad I did. I was really encouraged, and I was finally able to pinpoint why I’ve been feeling so down emotionally and why my health has been shit since I got back from Mendoza. It’s true, I’m stressed.

But, being stressed elsewhere in the world is stress on a totally different level.

I have more to tell, but I just took another Sudafed few minutes ago…

So, I’m gonna KO.