Day 32: Reminds Me of High School… / by Sarah Kakusho

Today I was supposed to wake up at 6, to catch the train at 7, to be at class at 8.


I woke up at 6:45, ended up leaving the apartment at 7:15, and ran my ass off and made it to class by 8:05. My alarm clock [which is my cell phone, playing Yukiyanagi] had been going off for 45 minutes [it plays goes for 2 minutes in 9-minute intervals] before I even heard anything. And the phone was right next to my ears too! Damn ears…

Which reminds me of a story about the ride to Mendoza.

All throughout the bus ride there, they played old American music videos. I’m talking 80s/90s music videos. It was nice to listen to American music, but Erika and I were wondering what the ARGENTINE passengers thought. Anyway, the next morning, when I wake up, Erika nudges me and tells me “Dude, they played one Japanese song last night.” I was like, “really?!” And asked what song it was. She didn’t quite know, but she was sure it was Japanese. I was kind of disappointed because I missed it. But, then she tells me, “Listen, there it is again!”

We were both sitting there, listening intently. I heard it! And I listened a little more just to see what song it was…

And then it hit me.

It was my cell phone, playing the first 30 seconds of Yukiyanagi over and over again. Yep. Needless to say, when I took out my cell phone to turn it off, it was so loud, I’m pretty sure I woke up everyone else on the bus. Mmhmm…

So, yes, I got to class late. I was kind of stunned when I walked in because it was a different professor. Turns out at FUC, there’s a professor for the practical studies and professor for the theoretical studies. So, for each class, I have 2 professors, each with their own homework assignment. That means, I’m practically taking 9 classes [my Castellano class is just Patricio, so that’s why the odd number]. Yay… …

I’m glad I have one slack class though, the Panorama de Literatura, since I’ve read most of the things that we’re going to read. It’s actually curious, because I had been aching to read some of the stuff I read back in freshmen year of high school, and almost everything we’re reading are by the authors I studied during that time. Poe, Chekov, Kafka, etc.etc along with other authors. This class balances out my two high-level, philosophically-geared classes. In fact, this is my schedule [hopefully, it won’t change for the millionth time]:

My other class is pretty basic. I’m pretty sure it’s similar to intro to film studies, plus a mix of Buenos Aires/Argentine culture. I learned a lot about what to look for in a scene to analyze it. How different camera shots work. And, a little bit of film history too. Very interesting. For this class, if I understood correctly, we have to make a short piece about Buenos Aires. I think I’m going to do mine on people. Elaboration on the topic is still yet to be thought about.

By the end of this class, I was so tired I could pass out and never wake up. But, before I went home I went out for pizza with a few people in my class. It’s amazing where people my age have already been: Turkey, Brazil, Honduras, France, etc… And actually, where they want to go too, like Iran. It’s very diverse group of people. Afterwards, when I was walking to the station with a friend, we came across a rally/protest thing. It was insane how many people were at Plaza de Mayo. They were shooting fireworks and a marching band was playing and everything. I got out of there quick…

When I got home, I passed out. Until dinner.

Dinner was actually at Mario’s tonight [the program director]. He invited all the people in tracks for dinner. I was kind of nervous getting there because the area he lives in is notorious for danger. But, I got there fine [he has a really, really nice house].

Met up with other people in my program and had probably the most delicious vegetarian food I’ve had ever [and my first completely home-cooked meal]. Apparently, Mario’s partner cooked everything. It was pita bread, with a bunch of different types of picada [salsa-ish things] and humus. I’ve never been so satiated by the food here, and actually felt good about eating it [as opposed to eating steak…and realizing it was too heavy to eat]. A light dinner, and then really, really good ice cream. One thing I LOVE here is ice cream. It’s the best. So rich and creamy.

During this delicious experience, I got to know many more people from my program. I’ve realized [almost] everyone is from a small school, just like I am. And THERE ARE places that have better treatment than SUA. [SHOCK! I know]. I also got to talk to COPA staff, and they knew a lot about the good places to eat. I can’t wait to go and try them out.

Since the subte stopped at 10:00ish, I had to leave a little early. I left with a few friends from the film track and we were all blabbering in Castellano. One of the guys told me that my Castellano has improved so much since I’ve gotten here. I was soooooo happy someone told me I was improving, because it is very hard to tell when all you get are really strained looks of people trying to understand you.

Good night. Very good night.

P.S… So I’ve concluded that Fridays are garbage days. How do I know? The garbage truck is making obnoxious sounds as I type. Yes. At 1:30 in the morning. Lovely, yea?