Day 31: Yappa…Gariben ni Nacchau na… / by Sarah Kakusho

So…physically, I still felt like shit, but I was so excited to go to class. It’s definitely more reassuring to be able to go to the first day of class and know what’s going on, rather than going the second or third day, and being absolutely clueless.

My first class of the day was Panorama de Literatura. I was quite interested to see what connections can be made between literature and cinema, and I definitely want to use what I learn here, toward my capstone. Of course, as Argentine tradition goes, the professor [or rather profesora in this case] was about 15-20 minutes late. She’s an elderly lady, who has slightly a hard time hearing. When she called out attendance, she looked at me and asked if I was Chinese.

Seriously…she could’ve at least asked what my ethnicity was. Jeez.

That question seriously gave me a huge blow to my Japanese blood. BUT, it’s okay…I shouldn’t take any offense, since it’s their way of asking such a thing. Right…? Nevertheless, I was able to connect with the professor on a level that I wasn’t able to with at the other universities, which gave me sense of comfort. I really thought that the professor cared about getting to know her students; she openly admitted wanting to get to know us while doing attendance.

I like this class. It’s interesting how she connects the formation of literature to scriptwriting. They’re more similar than I thought. A lot of what we’re reading is going to be review for me, but I’m glad. At least I understand the stories in English, so I just need to process them in Castellano. I was glad.

After class, my friend and I went to the café and had lunch. We talked about the differences between the universities that were offered to us outside of the film track and the university we were at. I think everyone in our film track likes this university. It’s a nice environment to study in, nice professors and interesting people. Just like Soka.

We also stopped by the copiadora, which is a place where they sell copies of all the materials you need for your classes. Can you believe that this system actually exists?! It’s cheap. Much better than buying books [though books are nicer to carry around]. So, what we do is we find the binder with the name of our course and [sometimes] professors, and in there are sheet protectors filled with pages of readings that’s offered in that class. You just take that sheet protector of the reading you need and they copy if for you.

It’s convenient. It’s easy. It’s accessible.

Ufufu… [I can get readings for classes I’m not even taking… Oh the possibilities, of study beyond studies]

My second and final class for today was Estética Cinematográfica. Turns out there are 7 out of 8 of us in the film track in this class. It’s only because there two different sections combined. Which reminds me… My section got changed. This class/section was supposed to be on Mondays and Wednesday, but it changed for the better. It’s only on Wednesdays now, for 4-5 hours. If all goes well, and I take the classes that I’ve been taking, then I don’t have classes on Mondays or Fridays.

W00t. 4-day weekends.

Anyway, this class is pretty heavy with philosophy. But, it’s interesting to learn about the visual aesthetics of film and the process of understanding and creating meaning behind it through philosophy. Our first reading in the class: Delueze. I read him for philosophy two semesters ago. So, I’m glad I have some background. Although, this class and my other theory and aesthetics class maybe difficult [they are 3rd year film school material after all], I think I’ll work my butt off and enjoy these classes.

Yep. I’m gonna study hard. Make the most out of this film school…because I don’t know when I’ll be able to take classes at a film school again.

I’m a nerd. I’m a geek.

And I am proud.