Day 3: Three Strikes and You’re Out! / by Sarah Kakusho

I am so exhausted that I could pass out any minute, so please bear with me.

You ever wake up one morning and you wonder where you are? I had that this morning. I woke up thinking I was in my suite room waking up to the window next to my bed and feeling the cold stagnate air around me. Ohhh, it was cold all right but not my suite room back at Soka. The house I’m living in doesn’t have central heating, and still, the hot water is not working. Crazy timing, right? I’m glad Soka’s weird weather habits prepared me for it.

I left to meet up with a friend in the same program around the neighborhood and had a little breakfast before we made our way to Plaza de Mayo which was supposed to be a 30-minute bus ride if we actually took the bus, pero we ended up walking down towards Circulo Italiano to find the subway and made it through there. We were 15 minutes late when we got there, but it was okay… So was everyone else.

I’m pretty sure it hit about 45-50 degrees-ish today. I couldn’t feel my fingers. It…was…FREEZING, and what better day to have a tour in the center of Buenos Aires? I was able to practicar mi español today with the other girls in my group. It’s difficult to explain Soka to other people, in Spanish [I suggest everyone learn how to do that first in their respective languages, cuz Soka is giving us the opportunity to expand our horizon. We should show our gratitude by spreading Soka’s name]. At some point or another, I didn’t know what language I was listening to and if I had spoken any lick of English today, all while I have all three languages racing through my head trying to piece together what the hell I’m thinking. I’m still confused.

On the way back to Circulo Italiano, we tried to get on a bus and ended up paying 90 centavos for going 1 block… ¿Por qué? Turns out there was some kind of protest [I dunno what…] in Plaza de Mayo y it was blocking the one road we were trying to take. So, we got off and power-walked the rest of the way so that we wouldn’t be late. I’m sure it was about…mm a good 25 blocks. And we were late again to the academic orientation.

Aaaa… For some reason after I got the orientation, I was really bad at Spanish. My stutter is coming back. ¿Qué horrible, no? I had to ask the academic coordinator about the film track and if it involves any art studio courses that Soka wouldn’t give me credit for… I was completely speechless when I approached her.

Strike Uno…

After this orientation, I had an oral exam…an “interview” con un professor. I freaked. And I was horrible. Literally, horrible. If you could imagine just trying to keep up with the other people in the program, this just brought my self-esteem level to hell. Agh… I know I could speak better than I did. I swear.

Strike Dos…

If you’re expecting the third strike, don’t count on it. I have to admit, I think my Spanish did improve on a microscopically small scale compared to yesterday. I have to give myself credit for that much. Tomorrow I have a written exam [where I know I can reclaim myself] and I’m gonna buy a cell phone. I’m not out yet. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

PS... I think I will get up extra early to catch up with my faith... x_x