From This Moment... / by Sarah Kakusho

I've had several moments in my life when I felt that my life condition was on an eternal high that would last me a lifetime, and every time I've felt that moment, a few weeks later, I find myself back in the same position that I was in before that moment ever happened.

It's as if my life had fallen back down to rock bottom, deep in the pits of hellish earth.

But, this time, I know for sure, I am determined, to keep myself high in spirits and deep in faith. The past couple of weeks have taught me so much about myself, things I probably wouldn't have realized if I hadn't taken the opportunity.

Let's backtrack. I was asked to create a video for the March 22 Youth Meeting. That simple request went from simply aiding in creating the video for just the OC Regions to handling the A/V for the entire event, which had two other regions participating outside of OC. The preparation was tedious, the week before consisting of having a meeting every other day and a 1 hour toso every morning. The full rehearsal itself on the day of was phenomenal, and as expected, with many difficulties. The projector didn't work; some of the performers had last minute changes; transitioning took too long, etc. In between, the rehearsal and the actual meeting, we united as the 3 regions and chanted for the success of the meeting. 1 o'clock struck and it was show time. The actual meeting went flawlessly. All of my worries completely flew out the window, and every problem that came about after that I was able to tackle effortlessly.

It's safe to say, this is my starting point to renew the faith that my parents have brought me up in. I've always grown up in the practice, but I felt I was forced into believing things that I didn't want to and in turn felt reluctant to take part in anything. The first time I really got involved was when I started performing at the meetings. I enjoyed watching people enjoy my performance, and I felt this was my purpose at these meetings. To entertain and make people happy. However, whenever I performed, I wasn't able to see clearly because of the blinding stage lights.

This time, not only was I able to create something that complemented the meeting, I was able to be in the planning stages of the meeting as well. This has had a huge impact and added more meaning to my purpose in wanting to make people happy.

"From this moment on, what is your vow?"

I vow to stay consistent in my practice, and continue to pray to bring forth my utmost potential to bring about the best in other people and in myself as well, through whatever I do with my future.