Day 137: Yes, I’m Asian, Will You Stop Taking Pictures of Me Now… / by Sarah Kakusho

As I take a break from my studies for a final that I have 2moro, I’m remembering what sort of day it was today. It’s one of those days that you wish you have more of, but you know you can’t have too much it because somehow, it’ll lose that feeling—that it’s one of those days that you just yearn for.

I went out to eat lunch with a friend of mine today after being at COPA for a few hours and got stared at by a family that came in a little after us. I heard the little girl say discreetly, China, Es una china… and I look over and the dad is taking a picture with his cell phone. I’m sure the look on my face was like this: =_=;;

It’s amazing how much patience you learn from being here for almost 4, going on 5 months. I’ve grown to shrug off people like that… It’s quite an interesting…experience actually. Well, I’m glad I made someone’s day… I guess.

We studied at the restaurant for a few hours for the final we have 2moro and then went out to a bookstore to have Mirta [my lit teacher here] sign cuz she’s the daughter of Roberto Arlt. Aahahah. She’s so awesome and I’m gonna miss her.

Then I got to see the renowned Afrikanito cookies. It’s quite interesting. XD My friend wasn’t joking. They were indeed next to the Ratonito cookies.

That’s definitely saying something. Didn’t buy either of those, but we got cake which was HELLA good. We ate it in the park as we watched kids play soccer.

It’s been a productive day on a nice day in Buenos Aires. It’s just one of those days.

So that aside, updates. I’m going to have a reprise expedition to Mendoza, this time, for a week! We have so many plans already, it’s going to be great. Leaving Sunday night and then returning Saturday morning. Fun, right?

And then, I have to take my other two finals. Geh. The difficult ones. Blah. Well, at least I have more to say and I know what exactly I’m presenting on. I just need to be able to pass the part where they ask me questions. I can’t wait to be over with finals. It’s the one thing holding me back from just letting loose. What sucks is I only have 4 and half days after finals are over to do everything that I want to. Why did they have to make that week. Bleh.

Ah, but it’s coming down to this, it’s unbelievable. The semester is ending [por fin] and we’re all going back our own places soon. We’re planning a final track de cine gathering before everyone departs. Although, I’ve had my share of bitching and complaining, I love what I studied [even though it’s jeopardized my GPA], the people I studied with, the people I studied from and impart befriended.

It’s been quite an experience. Just 19 more days to go [soon to be 18 as I’m typing this]. I just need to not spend too much. Hahah. At least I can stay at my host mom’s apartment for the 2 days after the program ends so I don’t have to stay in a hostel. Saved 60-some pesos there.

Oh, time’s up. Back to studies.