Day 129...130: Jaded... / by Sarah Kakusho

So... the sun is rising soon. Or at least I think it is. You can't really tell with all the buildings, but it's a fact that it's getting lighter out, and there's already trucks driving around. Que ruidoso.

I'm still attempting to finish my LAST essay of my study abroad experience. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be 10 pages, and I only have 4...well technically 3. What is wrong with me, seriously. Oh, did I mention that it's "technically" due in 4 hours.

Aha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

No, seriously, I'm laughing. This week so far, I've only slept, at most, 7 hours. I'm tired, but I'm almost there. This week was pretty tough:

- 1 report on Operacion Masacre
- 1 4-page essay
- 1 10-page essay (still finishing it up)
- 2 midterm retakes (1 more today)
- 1 short film

It's worse than in the states, SERIOUSLY. I thought it was bad that teachers had homework due on the same day. I can't ever imagine going through something like this again, where all my "finals" are due the same week. I've never been so tired. The fact that everyday is in the high 80s/low 90s doesn't help much either. It's really a pain to be walking around outside in my own skin, because it's just so humid and hot. But, despite being tired and unmotivated to do work, I've never been so productive for a long period of time.

I think the key thing is to get out of the room and study elsewhere.

Anyway, final day before oral exams! Premiere of my short film, which I will try to post as soon as I get the chance, midterm retake #2, and... long-ass essay due that I still need references for.

Yeah. I should... go back to writing that paper.

P.S. I miss being able to walk over next door and asking for food [suffering from all-nighter munchies].