Day 73: Running on 3 Hours and Sugar / by Sarah Kakusho

So, continuing on the subject of the essay, we finished, oh yes… just we got to class an hour late because we had a million different versions with corrections on each of them. That and we didn’t know how to combine them all to make it coherent. Just to give you taste of what our essay was like…

So, the essay was supposed to be 3-10 pages, single or double-spaced…I have no idea. Our final page count was 8 pages, single spaced…

Yea, it was a lot to correct and make any sense out of it. So, we were sitting the café and then in the fotocopiadora making corrections, rewriting sentences, changing words. It was pretty intense. I actually got tired of staring at Microsoft Word. It was kind of saddening since I have to stare at it to work on Project esCAPE.

Aside from that, the paper being done and not dictating my life and all, I think I’m hopping back on my old SUA schedule of things, being able to sleep less and work more. Although it does get irritating sometimes to know that you only slept like 3 hours, but you know, whatever gets the job done, goes. I even bought 3 alfajores (which are probably the most delicious concoctions ever created by mankinda). 2 of coconut with chocolate and dulce de leche, and the other a regular chocolate-covered one with nuts sprinkled on top.

You know, sitting in the café working on the paper I heard a very nostalgic song. “Santeria” by Sublime. I don’t like the lyrics, but it’s a really catchy tune, and it really brings back memories of sitting on the bus after school 4-5 years back. Pretty sweet.

Anyway… Break is over… Need to continue working. Bleh.

P.S. Those entries last week…will magically appear…this weekend.