Day 72: When September Ends / by Sarah Kakusho

I can’t believe a month has past. And I can’t BELIEVE I HAVE A 10-PAGE GROUP PAPER DUE TOMORROW.

It’s insane. I’m really tired of thinking about this paper. I just want it to be done. I’m feeling the pain of junior year WRITING at SUA outside of SUA. But, I’ll endure. I can’t let my group down.

Aside from that I realized the Spanish language is much easier to learn in Spanish. I understand a lot of the concepts much better than when professors try to explain them to me in English. However, I also think my English is slowly degenerating and my vocabulary is slowly slipping. I took a practice verbal GRE test.

It was not good.

What a way to end September, right?

With a new outlook of the future, and hope brimming with rays and rays of suffocating sunshine.
[please note the sarcasm…]